Liquid Penetrant Testing


  • Liquid or dye penetrant testing is a non –destructive method for finding discontinuities that are open to the surface of solid and essentially non-porous materials. Indications of flaws can be found regardless of the size, configuration, internal structure, or chemical composition of work piece being tested and regardless of flaw orientation.
  • Liquid penetrant can seep into (and be drawn into) various types of minute surface openings by capillary action. Because of this, the process is well suited for the detection of all types of surface cracks, laps, porosity, shrinkage areas, lamination and similar discontinuities in casting, forgings, welds and other product forms.
  • Dye penetrant inspection is used extensively for the testing of wrought and cast products of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, powder metallurgy parts, and ceramics and glass objects. Advantage of PT are that it can be check all type and shapes,
  • It is very simple method to test and train to people, Very low cost, it can be use on field and also for mass production. In PT we have all type of set up for Visible or fluorescent testing water washable, post-emulsifying and solvent technique. We are provide this services on filed also. We have qualified and experience staff for all type of testing and materials.