Radiography Testing


  • Industrial Radiography is a Non-Destructive method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength Electromagnetic radiation to penetrate various material. Penetrating radiation is passed through a solid object, The object density and thickness differences will attenuate the penetrating radiation through scattering and absorption.
  • The differences in absorption are recorded on Radiographic film. Therefore, areas of the object where the thickness have been changed by discontinuities will appear as dark or light areas on the film. All discontinuities are detected by viewing shape and variation in density of the processed film. Radiographic film provides a permanent film record that is easy to interpret by trained Personnel.
  • We are equipped with Imported radiation sources, AERB approved Enclosure room, Fully utilized darkroom, High quality safety equipments. We provide services for industries like Casting, Forging, Valve, Fabrication, Piping and Boiler manufacturer.
  • We , AERB ( Atomic energy Regulatory Board ) approved testing unit, offers a full range of industrial radiographic services and techniques. Our Highly skilled, Experienced and AERB qualified radiographer have the abilities to handle a variety of assignments onsite or offsite, thus providing a high degree of flexibilities to our clients.