Third Party Inspection


  • Industrial Third Party Inspection refers to independent inspection services that are provided by inspection agencies either hired by a buyer or seller. The scope of work is determined by buyers and purchasers. The scope of work for Inspection and Testing is defined through Inspection and Test Plan(ITP) or Quality Assurance Plan(QAP). Some of them require only a pre-shipment inspection and some other may mandate more stringent scope and ask their third party inspection agency to witness important tests and inspections such as Technical Assessment for Shop Approval.
  • Raw Material Inspection, In-Process stage witness, NDE test witness, Welding Process and Heat-Treatment process witness, Mechanical – Chemical – Metallurgical Tests Witness, Hydro Static Test Witness, Dimensional Measurement Witness, Performance Testing, Painting Inspection, Packing & Marking inspection and loading inspection as per National or International Code, Standard or Customer Specification.
  • We have a team of Highly Qualified and Experienced engineers. The core values of Integrity, Transparency and independence help us in our aim to provide good quality services. Our engineers ensure that the quality of the products meet the applicable requirements. We also provide services for NDT Audits.