Megnetic Testing


  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) also sometimes called as Magnetic Test (MT) is a non-destructive test method for the detection of surface and sub-surface discontinuities in ferrous materials. The test method involves application of magnetic field externally or applying electric current through the material which in turn produces magnetic flux in the material. Simultaneously, visible ferrous particles on sprinkled or sprayed on the test surface.
  • The presence of a surface or near surface discontinuities in the material causes distortion in the magnetic flux which in turn causes leakage of the magnetic fields at the discontinuity. The magnetic particles are attracted by the surface field in the area of the discontinuity and adhere to the edges of the discontinuity appearing the shape of the discontinuity.
  • We have qualified and trained engineers for Magnetic Particle Inspection. We offer Magnetic Particle Testing with all Technique in our laboratory or as per customer premises. We have prod type machine with all accessories from which we can test in both direction( Longitudinal & circumferential) for different sizes jobs like crank shaft, piston rods, heavy thickness pre machining casting and forgings and Welding in order to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities. We have also permanent magnet and Electromagnetic yoke type machine for machined component and welding. We are also can test with Visible dry particles, Visible Wet particles and fluorescent wet particles.